Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Economic Confusion?

How sad it really is that the highly educated people who have found themselves in positions of authority based on their claiming to know some theories about how things perhaps work or are supposed to work - but now are not sure in which direction to turn towards to really fix anything of this system which seems in every which way to be falling apart - are they not at all familiar with the science of networks and how things really work?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

artisitc versus a scientific approach to business and life -

I would prefer to think of myself (at least) doing much better with taking an artistic approach in conducting any business as opposed to a scientific approach -

here the internet can allow for both but It seems as if people have been stressing the scientific approach due to the fact that the technology seems to lend itself to that leaning or emphasis while that may be actually hindering the great progress that can otherwise be made since the Internet itself is an organism and as is the case with any organism there is a certain artistic approach that goes far beyond any results that can be obtained by using a strict scientific method -