Wednesday, October 15, 2008

answer to a post on facebook: What's your biggest challenge with attracting clients online?

I think that the most important thing that I can remember to do is to really talk with each person who I meet up with, come in contact with or become friends with there and anywhere on the Internet and in real life - certain aspects of each of the social media arenas has its very own strengths and weaknesses and although I do not necessarily agree with Seth Godin as to why he will not join more than his own Squidoo system and works solely on his own blog and that is it - I can see a very profound value in taking the perspective that he gave me when I read is reasoning for not being on twitter or facebook as somewhat of a guide as to what to do on all of these various social media tools -

For example Seth stated that he would not use any of these media because he did not know them well enough - that gave me the thought to look at these tools in a very different way and to explore each one of them as having very different strengths and perhaps some weaknesses in different ways -

For example, RYZE, which I am not sure how many people here have been using, is an excellent way to develop many deep and personal relationships with individuals, while for me, facebook seems to be more worldwide and spread out and creates more of an open international group all together - and in many ways because of the photo album features and the video features much more communicative that way -

now Sophie - I think, for example that you might gain some value in setting up a free RYZE page and letting people know about your VA business (I believe that is what you are mentioning here above) since it is my understanding that the VA that a person uses does not necessarily need to live in the same country as the person utilizing their services -

Susan - many of the friends I have talked with on RYZE - have at different times even when working solely on RYZE but were members of the various networks within RYZE found themselves pretty scattered and I suppose like anything else that is fun - or new or interesting and of some sensed value - the time an energy you put into it must be tempered in order to create a balalnce within your life -

and Connie - do you remember the days before you ever had an Internet connection - might you have gone for a refreshing walk as a means of enjoying nature as well as to gain a different perspective? - the same holds true for now only I think that it might be imperative to do such a walk without some hand held device - go hands free and you will be able to become refreshed in some very profound ways - it is exciting to be able to write and communicate with people from all over the world with so much to say - but no one can breathe either in or out for too long without having to reverse course and either take in or let out air in the opposite direction - that is simply a very profound law of nature -


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